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    Shenzhen Qing Qing Vision Ophthalmic Products Co., Ltd. (hereby shortly refers to QQVision) majorly engages in the introduction and promotion of internationally advanced ophthalmic products, instruments and devices. Headquartered in Shenzhen CBD, QQVision seeks continuous growth within its history of over a decade and develops into a technology-leading player in the field, with a strong business network stretching out across China. Besides, we attach much importance to academic exchanges and hold academic meetings on a regular basis. All the time, we commit ourselves to providing customers with premium products and services, as well as bringing patients a better vision.

    We have been authorized with the agency of ophthalmic products by several globally renowned manufacturers. Our products include: OQAS™ Ⅱ by Spanish Visiometrics recognized as the first-in-class device to carry out objective and comprehensive optical quality analysis; Basis Z model of intraocular lenses (IOLs) by German 1stQ featuring small incision, bi-aspheric design, high-precision, wider range of diopter and high-grade material; and a variety of IOLs by American LENSTEC, such as the SBL-3 Segmented Bifocal Lens,the TetraflexHD,the Softec HD IOLand the Softec I microincision IOL.

    QQVision remains in sound communication and corporation with a host of domestic eye-care institutions and experts.With widely located and highly professional partners, we have established an influential, stable business network for ophthalmic products.

    Under the principals of offeringquality products and services, and building an excellent, efficient team, we work together with experts to deliver desirable treatment for patients. In so doing we aim at achieving a win-win result among medical institutions, patients, enterprises and employees, and thus contributing to a harmony doctor-patient relationship.